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Confronter: The Tower of Time
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Confronter: The Tower of Time 1.0

Confronter: The Tower of Time is a first-person action adventure game with some epic themes.

LicenseDemoDate Added10/08/2008
PriceUSD $19.00CategoryGames / Action
Filesize33.2 MBAuthorEivaaGames

Confronter: The Tower of Time is a first-person action adventure game with some epic themes.Five thousand years ago... when the land of oblazarno was ruled By the evil oBeastVazo.The great clock Powered by the nine magical stones, happened to appear from the nine planets. It possesses the power of contrlling The Time...oBeastVazo, with the power of the great clock, spreaded the oAge of Darknesso all over the world...At that time to save the mankind, the oBeastVazo got encaged inside the otower of timeo by nine monks using the powerof the magical"Joharb" spell.Since then, the tower was cursed : oif someone tries to open the door and utters the spell, will be destined to death...oAll these was forgotten for a long time...In 2000 A.D., Brian & Eve, explored the ruined otower of timeo. eve uttered the spell and met death.Now Brian has to pass through 12 oTime-Portalso, each capable of sending someone, 400 Years back to the past.Then he could reach 5000 Years back to kill the oBeastVazo and liven up Eve, his beloved !

Platform:Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP

System Requirements: There is no specific requirements

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