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ENSoftware Terminal Suite Preview


ENSoftware Terminal Suite Screenshot

ENSoftware Terminal Suite Preview

ENSoftware Terminal Suite is an advanced terminal software (terminal emulator) for MS-Windows, that allows programmers, engineers, testing teams and others groups to control, monitor, debug and analyze a transferred data. Each Terminal window is Plug-In. For example, SerialPort Terminal plugin supports all possibilities of serial port such as changing Handshaking line states: RTS, DTR, CTS, DSR, DCD, and RI. It also allows you to monitor or control transferred data. All data may be showed in the communication window andor can be saved for further analysis. The plug-in provides a simple communication interface for connecting to any real or virtual serial port, supports all RS232 possibility(Software, Hardware flow, etc.). It provides change any port's settings on the fly, without necessity of closing and then reopening of the Serial Port. Basic version of program includes two of available terminal plugins RS232(COM Port), simple TCP Client and TCP Server with possibility send/receive a file, Telnet Client with possibility auto reconnection after connection termination and auto login feature, simple SSH Client to create secure connection with remote host and pair SSLClient, SSLServer which include all features of TCP plugins and possibility create a connection by protocols SSL2, SSL3 and TLS. The Terminal Suite is a simple, fast and effective means of development process and may be widely used in industrial and commercial control and automation systems. Also it offers a flexible and extensive set of features for maximized, productive work while providing a wide range of options. Script Engine automates tasks and increases efficiency. The program has multitab's interface to work with terminals simultaneously.
The ENSoftware Terminal Suite is available in the following editions:
1)Local Installation type (provides RS232, TCP Client, TCP Server, SSLClient, SSLServer, Telnet Client and SSHClient connectivity)
2)Network Installation type (it includes License Server)

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